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Classic '95: Attack of the killer squirrels

Once again we are forced to ask ourselves, as a society, whether nature should be legal.

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Classic '95: Who's nervous? We came, we saw, and we rocked!

I have many memories of the historic opening weekend of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but what I'll remember the longest is getting into an argument with Bruce Springsteen's guitar player.

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Classic '95: That does not compute

Welcome to Komputer Korner, the column designed for technological morons such as -- no offense -- you. We can safely assume that you're a "low-tech" individual, because you're reading this article in a newspaper, which is a primitive medium invented thousands of years ago by ancient Egyptians who wanted to be able to read Ann Landers.

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Classic '95: The Heart of the Country

It was a hot, blue-sky, green-corn July day in Madison County, Iowa. I was driving along a dusty gravel road when I saw the farmhouse. Something inside me -- call it a hunch; call it an instinct; call it a deep-rooted yearning to have a good anecdote with which to start this article -- told me that this was the right place to ask directions to the Roseman covered bridge.

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Classic '95: The smell of trouble

If you're looking for a vacation travel destination that blends excitement with huge amounts of corn, I strongly recommend Iowa. I recently spent a few days there, and I can honestly say that it was comparable to experiences I have had in sophisticated prestige travel destinations such as Paris, France, in the sense that I was not once engulfed by hog manure.

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