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Classic '95: Land of the frozen earwax
As a lover of nature and an outdoorsperson, I still enjoy going to a remote wilderness where I can relax, ''recharge my batteries'' and possibly be eaten. So in late April I hopped on an airplane, then another airplane, then eight or nine more airplanes, until finally I reached Alaska (Official State Motto: ""Speak Up! Our Earwax Is Frozen!''). … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Classic '95: Lessons in gopher disposal

Before I get to this week's topic, which is gopher safety, I wish to "set the record straight" regarding three matters:

     1. EXPLODING GUAM SNEAKER -- Some months ago I discussed an article in The Pacific Daily News concerning a Guamanian boy whose NIKE brand sneaker reportedly exploded. This report turns out to be untrue.

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Classic '95: Smoke gets in your eyes

As soon as I walked into the restaurant, I could smell the cigar. You can smell a cigar 50 feet away. It takes only one to permeate the atmosphere of a restaurant, so that everything you eat tastes a little like a cigar -- cigar salad, cigar steak, cigar cheesecake.

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Classic '95: Big peso ramifications seen

Our topic for today is: "The Mexican Peso Crisis -- An Ominous Harbinger of Global Monetary Instability, or What?"

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Classic '95: A new contract with America

I travel a lot throughout this great land of ours, and everywhere I go, in these politically uncertain times, people ask me the same question.

     "Excuse me," they say. "Are you using that ketchup?"

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