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Stress Management 101

TODAY'S HEALTH TOPIC IS: How to Manage Stress.    Recently I was in my office, with a lot to do, including write a column, when I got a phone call informing me that the electric company had cut off my power.

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Happy Father’s Day from Dave Barry

I’ve never been totally sold on the concept of Father’s Day. For one thing, it was officially declared a national holiday by Richard Nixon, so it might not even be legal. But my main problem is that I’m not sure we fathers deserve it. I believe — at risk of being arrested by the Gender Neutrality Police — that fathers in general do not have the same level of parenting skills as mothers.

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Classic '95: The book tour from hell

I'm on Day 15, or possibly Day 73, of a nine-billion-city book tour. I'm surviving on two major food groups: The Bagel Group, and The Cream Cheese Group. I drink hot coffee constantly as I ride from interview to interview. I spill a lot on myself. This is good: It keeps me awake.

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Classic '95: Need a light?

Everybody loves a backyard barbecue. For some reason, food just seems to taste better when it has been cooked outdoors, where flies can lay eggs on it.

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Classic '95: The generation gap

I am especially pleased to be addressing you, the Class of 1995, because it just so happens that I graduated from Pleasantville (N.Y.) High School in 1965, which is exactly 30 million years ago.

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