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Psst! Hillary Clinton is a woman! (In case you haven’t noticed)
I just realized something. Follow me closely: Unless my research is incorrect — which is unlikely, since I didn’t do any — if Hillary Clinton wins the election, she will … Click to Continue ».Read>>

Is this what really goes on inside the Democratic dance and beer hall?

Dave Barry goes inside the convention hall

You would not believe what he found

He didn’t find cocktails. But what about mink?

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This guy’s crotch has a message ... and it's not what you think

Dave Barry is roaming Philly in search of serious stories

Yes, we are making that up

You won’t believe how long this balloon is

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Lots of farts and other hot air await the Democrats

Beans will fire up one protest

Everyone will be so unified

Booga booga booga!

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Do we have a story to tell you about Melania Trump — but you’ve heard it before

Dave Barry is a bit shocked that actual news broke out

Cleveland’s mayor has an answer about LeBron

Is Melania’s name really Betty?

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