The Cotton-Eating Moths of Australia
The Turkey Spiders
The Flaming Salmonella Units
Excessive Deer Doots
Rival Bat Dung Gatherers
The Fecal Pellets
The Wood Tick Snorkels
Squatting Turnips
The Bones of Contention
Pinot Noir and his Nuances of Toast
The Fabulous Snake Doots
Shy Fruiter and the Saplings
Weasel Nostrils
Three Fatty Acid Radicals
The Flaming Booty Moths
Earl Piedmont and the Diphthongs
Slippery Spleens
Sheep Eyeballs
The Flaming Croutons
Rodent Passion
Flaming Squirrels
Balky Charcoal
St. Vincent and The Grenadines
The Biscuit Whackers
Gaseous Worms
Raymond Burr's Legs
Shark Puke
Jimmy Music and the Stomach Contents
Little Heed
Short Shrift
Gastric Contents
The Urban Professionals
The Phlegmtones
The Federal Duck
Effluent, Sliced Meat
The Postal Patrons
The Vestigial Organs
Decomposing Tubers
Diminished Penile Sensation
Bill and the Bracts
The Foliage Eaters
Crab Shrapnel
DeWayne Hurlmont and the Compunctions of Soul
Contaminated Tumbleweeds
Varlet and the Squeaking Codpieces
Violently Fracturing Water Closets
The Flying Shards
The Fierce Prune-Eating Hamsters from Space
Duane Ketter and his Wildlife Technicians
Paint-Peeling Puffs of Flatulence
Mosquito Hunter and the Unreliable Pollinators
The Mighty Shaking Wattles (for the ROLLING STONES)
Bleeding Nipples
Rapid Sucking Action
Nuclear Underpants
Marcel and the Turpitudes
The Groin Whappers
Thrusting Balloon Puppies
Drastic Toilet Air
The Eerie Groin Legumes
Drawers Full of Slugs
Groping for Elmo
The Pig-Stinging Jellyfish
Fugitive Squirrel and the Clearly Disturbed Beavers
The Mighty Shaking Wattles
The Moos of Derision


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