Miscellaneous columns
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Newly Added:

The Hair Apparent (1986)

Traffic Woes Drive Us Crazy (2004)

Favorites Through the Years:

How to Argue Effectively (1981)

H-E-E-E-E-RE'S BARRY! (1984)

The Clarence Thomas Hearings (1991)

The Olympics featuring Kerri Strug (1996)

Tarts Afire (1993)

Bang the Tupperware Slowly (1987)

The Banzai Chef (1998)

The Mallomar Method (1991)

Decaf Poopacino (1997)

The Hair Apparent (1986)

Traffic Woes Drive Us Crazy (2004)

Serious columns:

A Million Words

Uneasy Rider

Hallowed Ground


Book Tour:

Have Book, Will Travel


Cover stories:

Face Off

(Dave's take on the Miami-Dade/Broward County rivalry)

The Imperfect Season

(On the 25th Anniversary of 17-0, Dave Barry reflects on the Flatulence Cover-up, JJ's intensity vs. the Shula Stare, The sports agent as Satan, and Dan Marino's soul)



The Golden Minutes of Family Skiing (2005)
(Dave skis with his family)


RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! The DeSillers Effect (1990)
(Miami is weird.)



NAKED CITY: Dave Barry Exposes Miami (1982)
(Miami is weird, earlier. Please note that this was written in 1982.)