Cave of the Dark Wind Cave of the Dark Wind

by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Published by Disney Press
Publication date: 2007
hardcover | 176 pages

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While Peter is away from the island, James and the other Lost Boys discover a mysterious cave. Shining Pearl and her sister Little Scallop warn the boys that the cave is a dangerous place, inhabited by a creature known as the Goat Taker—a beast so scary that even the Mollusk tribe fears it. But the boys can't resist trying to discover the cave's secrets. When the first of those secrets turns out to be a tantalizing hint of a famous haunted treasure, Captain Hook and his band of cutthroat pirates quickly join the hunt. Before long the children are fleeing for their lives in a dark and deadly underground labyrinth . . . and their only hope of escape is to solve the mystery of the Cave of the Dark Wind.