Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys

by Dave Barry

Published by Ballantine Books
Publication date: 1996
paperback | 224 pages

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"Dave Barry is one funny human."
San Francisco Examiner

For thousands of years, women have asked themselves: What is the deal with guys, anyway? What are they thinking? The answer, of course, is: virtually nothing. Deep down inside, guys are extremely shallow. But that has not stopped Dave Barry from writing an entire book about them. If you're a guy—or if you're attempting to share a remote control with one—you need this book, because it deals frankly and semi-thoroughly with such important guy issues as:

The role of guys in world history, including the heretofore-unknown relationship between the discovery of North America and golf
Why the average guy can remember who won the 1960 World Series, but not necessarily the names of all his children
The Noogie Gene
Why guys cannot simultaneously think and look at breasts
Secret guy orgasm-delaying techniques, including the Margaret Thatcher Method
Why guys prefer to believe that there is no such thing as a prostate
And much, much more

"Whether you're a guy—or attempting to share a bathroom with one—Barry has some wacky words of wisdom for you."
USA Today