Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up

by Dave Barry

Published by Ballantine Books
Publication date: 1995
paperback | 256 pages

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THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP Dave Barry wouldn't lie—and here are the real life, laugh-out-loud stories from across America to prove it: a U.S. Supreme Court justice shares his remedy for preventing gas ("I had not realized that this was a matter of concern in the highest levels of government"); a newspaper headline in Ohio announces the combustibility of strawberry Pop-Tarts ("A story that can really help you gain a better understanding of how you can be killed by breakfast snack food"); a frightening fact that snakes have mastered the pipelines leading directly to your toilet—and they're not shy ("Many women might view this as a fair punishment for all the billions of times that guys have left the seat up"). Get up-close with Dave as he examines UFO thrillseekers and Elvis- worshippers, plays lead guitar with a horrifying rock band that includes Stephen King, and swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth . . . so God help you!

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