Dave Barry Does Japan Dave Barry Does Japan

by Dave Barry

Published by Ballantine Books
Publication date: 1993
paperback | 224 pages

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"One of the funniest peole ever to tap tap on a PC." PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

Not since George Bush's memorable dinner with the Japanese prime minister has the Land of the Rising Sun seen the likes of a goodwill ambassador like Dave Barry. Join him as he belts out oldies in a karaoke bar, marries a geriatric geisha girl, takes his first bath in public, bows to just about everyone, and explores culture shock in all its numerous humorous forms, including: Failing to Learn Japanese in Only Five Minutes (Or: "Very Much Good Morning, Sir!") ; Humor in Japan (Take My Tofu, Please!); Sports in Japan ("Yo, Batter! Loudly Make it Fly!"), and more.