Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus

by Dave Barry

Published by Ballantine Books
Publication date: 1998
paperback | 272 pages

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, bestselling author, and Wheel of Fortune contestant Dave Barry exposes the shattering truth. Whether he's splashing with the U.S. sychronized swim team ("Picture a bunch of elegant swans swimming with a flailing sea cow") or reliving the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving ("We've decided to obliterate your culture, but first may we try the stuffing?"), Dave Barry proves that one man can make a difference—by having the guts to answer the questions few people bother to ask:

What makes people want to eat animals they would never consider petting?
Where do the World's Three Most Boring People meet?
Why is Colorado freezing so many human gonads?
And just how does Oprah have the power to turn a 1957 Hotpoint toaster manual into a #1 bestseller?