Tour of the Office 2

Here's a good shot of Bob the Bear. He's made of quality foam. We bought him one year (using the Miami Herald's money) for the Holiday Gift Guide, and we kept him in the office, because. . . Well, because he's Bob the Bear. To Bob's right on the wall is another Gift Guide item we couldn't part with: The Last Supper Wall Painting and Clock. It's made of plastic, and it came with some nice sconces, which are also on the wall; one is holding up a rubber chicken whose name I can't remember. We also have a TV that we would use to keep up with Current Events, if it worked, which I don't think it does.


Here's a nice closeup of Bob the Bear (we love Bob the Bear) showing his Fiesta Bowl neckwear beer vessel. Right behind him you can see a G-string that was sent to me by an actual exotic dancer, although in the interest of full disclosure I should report that she was something like 138 years old when she sent it.


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